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Short Term Rehabilitation

Rebuilding Lives Through Rehabilitation
Short term rehabilitation provides care for patients with a wide range of rehabilitation needs.  The majority of patients have orthopedic, neurologic, neuromuscular or arthritic disorders that may include stroke, fractures, pain management, amputation, brain injury, Multiple Sclerosis, or Parkinson's Disease.  More than 25 percent of all admissions have cardiac-related diagnoses and need continued skilled care following surgery or illness.

Candidates for short term rehabilitation have medical complications but also have the potential to improve with a comprehensive rehab program.  Rehab addresses physical and/or medical problems, difficulties with activities of daily living and specialized problems such as dietary management.

Specialized Patient Environment
Three dedicated nursing units totaling 126 beds comprise the short-term rehabilitation program.  Short term rehab patients are placed on these special units with their own clinical staff and support staff in order to achieve greater clinical focus and superior rehabilitation outcomes.  Rehabilitation is provided in a modern, fully-equipped 4,000 sq. ft. Rehabilitation Gymnasium.

Technology and Compassionate Care
Upon admission, each patient is carefully reviewed by an interdisciplinary treatment team which includes a board-certified physiatrist, a physician specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation.  As part of its individualized approach, each patient is re-evaluated on a regular basis.  This leads to a therapy program that continuously grows and changes with the patient, always encouraging progress to achieve the highest level of independence.

In addition to a physiatrist, team members may include consultants in neurosurgery, orthopedics, neurology, internal medicine and other specializations, along with a physical therapist, an occupational therapist, a speech pathologist, a social worker, a rehab nurse, dietitian and recreation specialist.

Keeping the family informed is a high priority of the interdisciplinary team and regular family conferences are held to expedite recovery and aid the transition to home.

For More Information
For more information on short term rehabilitation at Clove Lakes, please call our Admissions Department at (718) 289-7900 x7892.