Covid 19

A letter from our Administrator

Dear Residents and Resident Representatives,

Clove Lakes is thrilled to be expanding our visitation policy.

For everyone’s safety, we are implementing some vital guidelines, as listed below.


10:00 am – 11:30 am; 2:30 pm – 6:30 pm

Please sign in at the kiosk and provide the resident’s room number.

To respect the privacy of our residents, visitation time is limited to 45 minutes from arrival at the unit.

Please give yourself ample time to arrive, sign in, and go to the unit so that you can utilize the full 45 minutes provided.


No more than two visitors per resident at one time are permitted.
Non-adherence to this will lead to denial of future visitation for failing to follow facility protocols. Additionally, to prevent overcrowding, only 10% of the resident population on a resident unit may have visitors at one time.

You are required to follow all infection control measures, including but not limited to:

  • Using appropriate PPE.
  • Completing a health screening questionnaire and temperature check at the entrance kiosk
  • Practicing hand hygiene – before entering the facility and the resident room and upon exiting room.

You must notify the facility immediately if a member of your family or person living in your household tests positive for COVID-19. Failure to follow Infection Control protocol will lead us to no other alternative than to deny you future visitation privileges.

 *Note: Your mask must fully cover your nose and mouth. Reusable face shields are available for purchase at the front desk for $2.00.


Although not required, we request you bring a copy of your vaccination record to be kept at the facility, in the event of a future COVID-19 outbreak. Please place it in an envelope addressed to the Social Service Department and leave it with the front desk.


  • Please do not leave the resident’s room.
  • Please do not use the resident’s toilet facilities. The main lobby bathrooms are available to you.
  • Please schedule your visit at a time when the resident is available. This includes timing your visit around when the resident is attending a therapy session unless you have been asked to attend a session by the therapy department.
  • For newly admitted residents and isolation units
    Because your visit may include feeding and providing for other close personal care needs, we have adopted CDC’s recommendations to require a negative COVID test within 3 days before your visit.

There are scheduled COVID-19 tests available on-site at Clove Lakes.  You may contact the receptionist at 718-289-7900 for times that staff is available to do testing.

  • For resident representatives
    If you do not wish to visit resident units, you may still schedule atrium and patio visits with the Recreation staff by calling 718-289-7005, Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.  Facetime options continue as well.

Please remember to sign out at the kiosk when exiting the facility.

We appreciate your full cooperation in helping us to keep our vulnerable population safe.

We look forward to welcoming you!

Very truly yours,


Lorri A. Senk, LNHA

For our visitation policy please call 718-289-7005

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